Protocol Droid D4-R9

((The following speech is IC but has OOC implications please consider it carefully as it is mandatory reading. An OOC summary will follow.))


Welcome citizens, I am Protocol Droid D4-R9, Special Attache to the Emperor of the Sith Imperium. Per Imperial Decree AR-2252014 our sovereign commands all citizens to view the following holo-recording and to adhere to the principles within. His Majesty, deems this speech as critical to his vision for the cohesion of our order and the future of our realm.

  • D4-R9 plays the holo recording, a picture of the Lord Emperor appears, it is his first address without the wearing of his mask and the first time all of the Imperium and the galaxy can see his face*

The Brotherhood Speech


Holo-recording of Darth Arestenax

"Citizens of the Imperium,

We speak to you today not only as your sovereign and master but as your leader and brother. 

In our recent dealings, we have experienced great internal conflict. Fellow citizens have lashed out at there brothers and sisters and the result of these conflicts have led to discord, sedition and even treason. 

We speak to you today to inspire change and encourage order. 

We are citizens of the same glorious order, our joint accomplishments are worthy of praise and historical note but as we increase our visibility on the galactic stage we invite ourselves to be targets of foreign enemies who covet what we have achieved. 

In order to keep our place in the galaxy we must come together, we must stand together and we must fight together but to accomplish those tasks we must be reminded of our loyalty and our brotherhood. For you who hear and see this message, who have stood with us in the past, are not only our subject but also our brother or sister.

To that effect while we issue this message and decree, we do not command, but we ask that you recommit yourselves to brotherhood and sisterhood with one another and that you act loyally and defend your order's honor, reputation and fellow citizens. Should you not be able to recommit to brotherhood and sisterhood with your fellow citizens and loyalty to this Imperium, then I suggest you reconsider your citizenship. Our government will not stop your departure and you will not be hunted by our forcers nor immediately considered an enemy. Rather it is our hope that we free you from any reservations you may have from serving your fellow brothers and sisters and for acting in contradiction to your conscience which may conflict with loyalty to the Imperium. 

For those who stay, I, Darth Arestenax, Lord Emperor of the Sith Imperium, Dark Overlord of the Sith, Supreme Mystic of Voss, and Protector of the realm hereby issue the following commandment:

"Do not strike against thy brother or sister whether by word, by weapon or by plot for whenst thou dost strike against thy brother thou dost strike against thyself and thou doth strike against Me. Such a strike is treason."

May the serve us well and may our passions grant us strength, power and victory."

((OOC What the hell did you just say, Ares?"))

Will RK

Arex (Will) in real life

((So here is the situation: 

We have been encountering a lot of out of character drama and even current members have lashed out at eachother in ways that are just inappropiate, demoralizing, and antagonistic to everything we have worked to accomplish. 

We are a guild, and a damn badass one at that. We are one of the largest guilds with some of the most comprehensive lore and detail to our RP and we have members who are badass in RP, PVP, PVE and in pretty much every aspect of the game but because of that, and because of the collapse of the coalition the more we grow the more likely we are going to be targets of the plots of others who frankly are either jealous or irritated that we are as successful and organized as we are. 

In order to remain being badass we have to come together and we have to have pride and loyalty in our guild. We have to end the internal conflict and we have to put a strong face to external individuals. Members of this guild are your brothers and sisters in this game, they are there to help you and support you and so internal OOC conflict is unacceptable and can no longer be tolerated. 

As your leader, this starts with me so I am instituting a new zero tolerance policy on harassment, and disloyalty. That means that you must treat your brothers and sisters with respect and you must support them when they need or you must reconsider your membership or have your officers reconsider it for you. 

Also this means that it is now a dismissable offense to disrespect your guild and your brothers in front of people who are not our guildmates. If you go out and talk shit about your brothers and sisters you should reconsider your membership or be dismissed from the guild.

Many of us have become very close, and it is time that we act like it. If you cannot treat your guild mates with respect, you hurt yourself and you hurt me. If you cannot be proud and loyal to your guild then you should walk away.

We have advantages that many guilds do not have, we have a guild which has become a community with large numbers, and a diverse following who are committed to the guild and we have a leader who is experienced with community organizing and leadership development. 

So just to summarize if you harass or attack your fellow guild mate OOC, talk shit on your guild, plot against your fellow members or the guild or you can't commit to brotherhood (sisterhood), pride and loyalty then you should reconsider your membership or let us guide you to a decision.

We can be the premeir guild on this server but we must recommit ourselves to brotherhood (sisterhood), pride in our guild and loyalty. 

And we shall.

-Semper Fidelis,

Will Rodriguez-Kennedy))