The Ministry of State and Interior is a fledgling branch whose responsibilities could perhaps govern external diplomacy with foreign powers and the management of controlled worlds, acting as the state emissaries of the Imperium. However, given the recent ascension of Supreme Lord Arestenax and the decline of the Imperium's holding in the greater galaxy, this ministry's role is diminshed but also centralized - the Interior governs the internal affairs, primarily maintenance and conservation, of life within the Imperium. The current ministry is under the direction of Her Honor, Darth Ezrian, Lady Chamberlain to the Emperor, Praetor, Knight Commander, Dark Lord of the Sith and Minister of State and Commerce.

Role of the MinistryEdit

For the eventual resurgence of the Imperium, resources are required for future conquest and rule. As such, the Ministry of the Interior is focused upon: 

  1. The amassing of credits for expenditure by the Imperium for its collective good
  2. The identification and/or acquisition of material resources for both military and civilian betterment
  3. The maintaining of civil order within the borders of the Imperium. 

The lattermost of these qualities does not grant this ministry extralegal or even legal authority to deal with those who disrupt such order, but it is instead among their responsibilities to instill cohesion within the population and loyalty to the imperial family and the Imperium, and signs of disloyalty or treason must be brought and will be brought to the Ministry of Law.

(OOC-wise: Ministry of the Interior levies fees, taxes and tariffs as needed to fund guild expansion and activities Ministry of Interior could also direct crafters in the guild to produce specific items as needed by the Imperium)

Divisions Edit

Department of Internal Affairs Edit

The representatives of the people and their interests. Members of this Department work up close with the citizens of the Imperium to make sure that their needs are being met. They communicate the interests of the people to the other ministries to help bolster the lifestyles of the people. Their success or failure in delivering results comes at the high cost of the faith and well-being of the people of the Imperium, the foundation of the Sith Imperium.


Department of Foreign Affairs Edit

Members of this department represent the Sith Imperium to it's allies, potential allies, and rival powers using ambassadors, negotiators, and advisors. They act to make sure that the Imperium is constantly in a strong position with high regard among both its allies and its enemies.


Internal Affairs Ranks Edit

  1. Chancellor - The Minister of State holding authority over this department.
  2. Governor - A rank held by those entrusted with overseeing settlements established by the Imperium.
  3. Adviser - Those who offer advice to authoritative figures.
  4. Aide - The low workers that perform a string of meager tasks, including information recovery about Imperium citizens.

Foreign Affairs Ranks Edit

  1. Chancellor - The Minister of State holding authority over this department.
  2. Director - The chief ambassador and representative who manages alliances and the Imperium's image in various sectors.
  3. Ambassador - Those who work directly with alliance representatives to foster strong and lasting relationships.
  4. Representative - Workers who are deployed to negotiate with hostile or unrelated factions in trying situations.