"We are the the followers of the Sith code and enemies of Jedi Heresy. We are one Sith, in mind, body and Force. Passion is our guide, power is our tool, strength is our weapon and victory is our goal. To strike against our own is to strike against ourselves." - Second Commandment of Darth Arestenax

Tenets of the One Sith Religion Edit

To be a true and faithful follower of the Sith Imperium a citizen must observe the following tenets of the One Sith Order:

  1. Revere the Book of One - Meaning a citizen must have a basic understanding of the lessons of the Book of One
  2. Honor the Divines - A citizen must know and recognize the Dark Divines, the Incarnates and the virtues they represent
  3. Obey the Sovereign - A citizen must obey the Nine Commandments
  4. Serve the Order - A citizen must observe the One Sith Code
  5. Spread the Truth - A citizen is duty bound to help expand the order
  6. Teach our Ways - A citizen must teach our ways to their children and families

Holy Text: The Book of One Edit

The Book of One is the holy text of the Sith Imperium. In consists of nine books summarized below:

  1. The Book of Ancients - Chronicles the ancient Sith Purebloods and provides precedent for the modern monarchy of the Sith Imperium.
  2. The Book of Exiles - Chronicles the stories of the twelve Dark Jedi who subjugated the Sith Purebloods and became the first Dark Lords of the Sith. The Exile's fall provides a cautionary tail about the dangers of disunity which is contrary to the One Sith.
  3. The Book of Revan - Chronicles the story of Revan before his return to his life as a Jedi, a Sith and the chaos it brought to the galaxy. Serves as a cautionary tail of the dangers of heresy.
  4. The Book of Three - Chronicles the story of the Sith Triumvirate. Serves as a cautionary tail about betrayal among the order and of the dangers of creating wounds in the Force.
  5. The Book of Vitiate - Chronicles the rise of the Sith Empire and serves as a cautionary tale about the continuing dangers of infighting among the Sith and a ruler consumed with the destruction of all life to sustain his own power in contradiction to the will of the Force.
  6. The Book of Exodus - Chronicles the reign of the Keine Raam, the first Emperor of the Sith Imperium, and prefaces the need for a new Sith Code.
  7. The Book of Arestenax - Chronicles the First Reign of Darth Arestenax. This book lays out the One Sith Code and the Nine Commandments.
  8. The Book of Prophesies - Chronicles the prophesies of the Voss Mystics about the Sith Order after the Imperium's Subjugation of Voss.
  9. The Book of Makhzor - Chronicles the story of Darth Makhzor and the Old Souls, as well as the structure of the Multiverse.

The Dark Divines Edit

The Dark Divines are the holy figures of the One Sith philosophy. The Divines are saints who are powerful and highly honored in the Imperium. Some Divines, when they lived, led the Imperium through the hardest chapters of its history. Others made honorable sacrifices that led them to divinity. Divines are only announced divine in death, and will remain divines if resurrected. Each Divine embodies certain virtues that are defined in the reason they were pronounced divine. This is to not only teach of the reasons they were pronounced divine, but also to teach all Imperium Citizens of the sacrifices we should be prepared to make to protect the Realm of the Divines and the Will of the Lord Emperor.

In the case that a divine is resurrected as is the case with Darth Arestenax and Darth Bhula they are referred to as Dark Divine Incarnate or "Incarnate" for short.

The Dark Divines are:

  1. Arestenax the Just - Lord Emperor Arestenax is the Dark Divine of Liberty and Justice. He is the embodiment of the One Sith Code and it's search for liberty as well as the system of laws in the Sith Imperium. Darth Arestenax turned a small sect of Sith searching for a new home into a galactic power. He died aftrer ending a civil war and was resurrected to save his people. Darth Arestenax is the only living Dark Divine and is considered the link between the Dark Divines and the Imperium. Though not the first ruler of the Sith Imperium Arestenax is considered the highest ranked of the Dark Divines. Arestenax the Just is the patron Dark Divine of the Praetor Caste.
  2. Keine the True - Emperor Keine is the Dark Divine of Power and Integrity. In his day he stood against the status quo in the old Sith Empire because of his beliefs. His integrity and power led to the first exodus as a small band of Sith gathered to support him and his true calling: To build an order free of the infighting of the Sith Empire. Though he never saw what the Sith Imperium would become, he would be credited for his hand in shaping the future for his people's descendants. Keine the True is the patron Dark Divine of the Inquisitor Caste.
  3. Bhula the Bold - The Revered Mother Bhula is the Dark Divine of Passion and Courage. Cast aside and forgotten as Lady Pyara in her early years, Bhula perservered through adversity because of her courage and passion: her love for her son. Her bold acts made her the Terror of the Imperium but she made way for the relatively peaceful reign of Darth Salvatus. She gave her life in defense of the homeworld and her son and grand children. Bhula the Bold is the patron Dark Divine of the Casteless.
  4. Kharia the Dutiful - Empress Kharia is the Dark Divine of Victory and Duty. Her reign was short but she achieved a miraculous act in her doomed tenure as Empress. Still a teenager when she ascended the throne she was less than a year into her reign when the Eternal Empire came to Voss for the first time. She held the line and intensified the battle, channelling the energy into Darth Q'urrim who would then resurrect Darth Arestenax. Her death was the final soul needed to bring the Lord Emperor back just in time to lead the remnants of the Imperium into the Indrexu Spiral beyond The Wall. Her last breath was taken striking a huge victory for the Sith Imperium: survival. Kharia is Dutiful is the patron Dark Divine of the Executor Caste.
  5. Salvatus the Honorable - Emperor Salvatus is the Dark Divine of Strength and Honor. Salvatus's rule as Emperor was primarily peaceful until the later years. Presiding over a decade of peace Salvatus strengthened the Imperium's hold over the Six Sectors until a civil war caused by Darth Asavian brought the Imperium to near collapse. Salvatus was infected with some form of virus which prevented him from reclaiming the Six Sectors and led to the collapse of the Imperium. Though his reign was cut short by traitors he created the plan that would allow the Imperium to survive beyond the fall of Voss which he forsaw. Salvatus created The Wall that Arestenax now powers. Salvatus is the patron Dark Divine of the Quaestor Caste.

The One Sith Code Edit

The One Sith Code is a modification of the Sith Code which changes the philosophy for the fulfillment of the code. The focus is the order, united under one Dark Overlord of the Sith. The code as described below embraces passion and the full spectrum of emotion as a way to gain strength, power, victory and freedom but for the Order as a whole as opposed to the individual.

There is no peace, there is only passion.

Through passion, We gain strength.

Through strength, We gain power.

Through power, We gain victory.

Through victory, Our chains are broken.

The Force shall set us free.

The Nine Commandments Edit

1.  Maintain the Emperor's Order: 

  • The Sith Imperium is ruled by it's sovereign and Sith'ari, his word is law.
  • The Imperial Knights are the Guardians of the Lord Emperor, the Imperial Family and the High Council.

​2.  Honor the Emperor's Philosophy:

  • We are the the followers of the Sith code and enemies of Jedi Heresy. We are one Sith, in mind, body and force. Passion is our guide, power is our tool, strength is our weapon and victory is our goal. To strike against our own is to strike against ourselves.

​​3.  Follow the Emperor's Plan:

  • The Imperium's mandate is to expand, perfect and where necessary conquer. 

4.  Keep the Emperor's Peace:

  • We embrace diversity and all forms of passion and we oppose indiscriminate slaughter. 
  • We serve the Imperium and divisions, politics and intrigue must only exist when in support of the Imperium and its Emperor. 

5.  Protect the Imperium's Resources:

  • The Emperor is the guardian of the Imperium's treasury and our shared resources. 
  • All financial transactions occur only with the Emperor's authority and all physical transactions of Imperium Property must be with the consent of a member of the High Council. 
  • Citizens with the means to contribute should contribute as is their duty and the Emperor's command. 

6.  Defend the Emperor's Realm:

  • We claim Voss as our homeworld. Our homeword and Imperium Territory are to be defended with our lives. 

7.  Respect the Emperor's Diplomacy:

  • The Emperor may make alliances to expand the Imperium's power and standing. Those Alliances are to be honored.

8.  Remember the Emperor's Covenant:

  • The Emperor is duty bound to rule to the benefit of the citizens of the Imperium. As citizens serve the Emperor, he serves the Imperium and must rule with wisdom and justice in mind.

9.  Obey the Emperor's Law:

  • All Citizens are bound by this law, those who stand against this order shall be judged according to the will of the Emperor.